Easter Crafts

Pom Pom Easter Bunny


This cute little Easter Bunny is so easy to make and the perfect decoration to sit on your table or shelf this Easter!


To get started your will need:

1. A hot glue gun

2. Felt (your choice of colour, I have used cream and pink)

3. Four cardboard circles (I used different sized cups and round objects to draw these on my cardboard)

4. Scissors

5. A pen

6. Wool

Once you have your materials and have cut out your circles it is time to start making your pom poms.


Starting your pom pom

Place the two large circles together and start wrapping the wool around them. I found it easiest to cut a length of wool that was not too long so that it was easy to thread through the little circle in the middle. Keep wrapping the wool around the circle until it has several layers, the more layers you do the thicker your pom pom will be.

Next, use your scissors to cut through the layers of wool in the middle of the two circles of cardboard.


Pom pom wrapped and ready to cut


Cut in between the two layers of cardboard and tie tightly with wool then remove the cardboard circles.


Head and body pom pom ready to glue together


Glue on ears and nose

Glue the Easter Bunny’s head and body together. Cut out two felt ears and a little nose. Glue these on and your bunny is ready to hop onto a shelf ready for Easter!


See ‘Fluffy Tail Bunny Picture’ post to learn how to make the bunny’s mini pom pom tail


Finished Easter Bunny


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