Easter Crafts

Easter Bunting

There is something so festive about bunting and I just love how quick and easy this particular style is to make!


You will need:

1. A selection of coloured scrapbook paper

2. Scissors

3. A pen for writing on the paper

4. A ruler

5. Hole punch

6. Twine

7. Cardboard to make square pattern

To create your template measure out a rectangle using your ruler onto the cardboard which you are planning on using as your template. You can make this rectangle as big or small as you like depending on where you are planning on hanging it.

Next place your template onto your scrapbooking paper and trace around the edge. Cut these rectangle shapes out hole punch one end.

Use your scissors to cut a triangle shape out of the rectangles to create the flags. These are now ready to write on and be threading onto the twine.

You are now ready to hang your Easter Bunting! I used washi tape to stick the twine to the wall as it is easy to peal off when you want to take the bunting down and doesn’t damage walls.

Happy Easter crafting!


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