Easter Crafts


Fluffy Tailed Bunny Picture


Decorating your house for Easter can be so easy and doesn’t need to be time consuming.  This Fluffy Tailed Bunny Picture took me about half and hour from start to finish.


You will need:

1. Wool (for pom pom tail)

2. Cardboard (to make your bunny pattern)

3. Scissors

4. Pencil/pen

5. Picture frame

6. Hot glue gun

7. Fork

8. A selection of scrapbook paper


Start by drawing two overlapping circles to create the bunny’s head and body. Add ears onto the top of the head and cut out. Trace around the edge of the bunny shape onto your choice of scrapbook paper. Cut this shape out.


Glue the bunny shape into your picture frame

Next you need to make the mini pom pom for the bunny’s tail.


Wrap your wool around the fork


Tie a separate piece of wool around the middle of the fork


Slide the wool off the fork and ensure the wool around the middle is tied tightly


Using your scissors cut the loops of wool to create your mini pom pom


Glue on the mini pom pom and you have your Fluffy Tailed Bunny Picture is ready to go!



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