Achievable Jobs List

Before becoming a Mum I was easily able to save up the weekly cleaning for a Saturday and in a couple of hours have the house sparkling clean and tidy. Such a good feeling!

Now that our little bundle has arrived I just don’t know where the hours go! I can get to the end of a day and feel like I haven’t achieved a thing! This is not the truth as I do spend my hours caring for and nurturing our most precious gift (best job in the world by the way) however for a usually high achiever who was used to constantly being busy doing stuff not being able to get everything done in one go took some adjusting to.

A friend inspired me by suggesting an achievable job list that she did each day. When you are working full time this may not be so practical unless you wanted to complete before or after work. However for a stay at home Mum I have found it perfect. By creating this list I know that I can stay on top of the housework and also enjoy all those special moments with Mila not having to think about the vacuuming or bathroom that needs cleaning!

Everyday I have a list of routine jobs that I do and then I rotate through the outside squares completing one each weekday. When making my list I tailor made the jobs to our house so I got all the things I wanted done on a regular basis. You could easily modify this to work in your own home. The added bonus I’ve found of this jobs list is that you don’t have to spend all your weekend or a large chunk of your day cleaning the house because it is already done! That is definitely a win in my books!


All you need to create a similar looking list is watercolour paper, a pencil, watercolour paints and a black pen.

_MG_7672      _MG_7671

One easily achievable jobs list equals one clean house which equals one happy Mumma and family… win win for all!


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