Circle Bunting

I love how quick and easy this circle bunting is! It definitely adds a bit of fun to any wall. Whether you are wanting to make an effective looking party decoration or just brighten up a wall this can be achieved in a short amount of time.

For this bunting I wanted to create three short strings to hang in Mila’s bedroom. I chose to use polka dot brown, gold and cream scrapbook paper as it is a bit thicker and wont bend as much as regular paper.


After cutting out the circle shapes (I used a circle template to ensure they were even) I lay them out on the table in the order I wanted them to be on the wall.

Using tape I attached the circles to the string.


I found that bluetac was perfect to attach the bunting to the wall.

Super easy and cute!

Mila loves to look up at the circles when she is lying in bed I think she especially likes the gold shiny ones! Certainly a girl after her mumma’s heart!



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