Hello December!

Wow it is hard to believe it is December already! You may have noticed that the blog has been a tad quiet over the last few months. This has been partly due to my computer dying and needing to be sent away to be repaired. Thankful most things could be recovered but lesson well learned ALWAYS BACK UP EVERYTHING!

I have been having a lovely time working on some Christmas presents and creative projects. One of my favourites has been making  these felt dolls for my niece. I remember as a child spending hours choosing outfits and playing with my paper dolls. These felt dolls are a slightly different take on the traditional paper dolls I used to enjoy so much. Hopefully they will be a hit with her this Christmas too!

2015-11-30 15.20.24

My next project is a special one which has been in the making process for a few years. This was my first quilting project with my mum when I was 12 years old. I remember spending hours hand stitching all the hearts and piecing together the little rabbits. It wasn’t until Mila was born earlier this year that my mum dug it out of storage and gave it to me to finish!

The 1930’s fabric is so sweet and the bunny ears are a favourite feature for our tactile wee girl who seems to have a natural love of fabric and exploring different textures. A girl after her mamma’s heart!


More Christmas projects will be up here on the blog soon!



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