Only a few more sleeps ’till Christmas is here and as  the December madness revs into full swing it has made me reflect on what is really important in this busy season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas! Putting up the tree, decorating the house, Christmas baking, the endless Christmas music, wrapping presents, Christmas crafting, mistletoe scented candles, picking berries, the food, being with family…I LOVE IT ALL!

However I don’t love the way we try to cram so many social events into such a short space of time! I loath the craziness of having to brave finding a car park to join dozens of others in long queues all waiting to buy presents to give those we love. I don’t like the mountains of ‘stuff’ (all be it beautiful and kindly intended) that we end up with after Christmas. Surely this is not what this season is about. It has to be more than the decorations, more than the presents, more than all the parties.

This is going to be Mila’s first Christmas. It has made me think about what this season really means to us. I want her to know that Christmas is a time to be with those we love rather than about presents and new toys. I want her to know that we show love through giving gifts but also hugs and kind words exchanged. Rather than the rush and hustle I want her to know that we place more importance on spending quality time with each other, that we can slow down and enjoy the little moments that make Christmas so special. Most importantly I want her to know that Christmas is the time we remember the greatest gift of all. Jesus. The giver of true joy, peace and love.

Christmas is about creating traditions too. This year we want to start our newest tradition of writing special letters to each other. Mila’s letter from Luke and I  will  include all the reasons we love her and the things we think are important for her to know. We hope that this will be a treasured collection of words for her to keep and read in the years to come.

So this year, Instead of a stocking I have had fun making this gorgeous little present sack with a pocket on the front for those special letters to be kept safe.

May this Christmas bring with it meaningful times spent with those you love as we celebrate the birth of the best present ever.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Petal Pocket xx







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