52 Portraits – Quiet Moments



Eating crackers on the porch next to the pansies. Enjoying a quiet moment in what has been a full week of happenings.


The last week has been full, I’m reluctant to say ‘busy’ as I am aiming to lessen my ‘business’ this year. However full describes it well, a teething baby, colds, sleepless nights (from our usually amazing sleeper, I shouldn’t complain!) and me starting back at work part time along with all the other weekly happenings.

This wee bundle has coped amazingly well all things considered! I am so blessed that we have family who can care for Mila while I settle back into work. She is loving spending time with Grannie chatting loudly, crawling everywhere and reading countless stories. I have been enjoying many delicious Mummy cuddles, savouring all the time I get to spend with our wee poppet.

I love this photo as it captures one of our ‘simple’ moments together. Just hanging out on the porch eating a snack. In this moment there is no hurry just contentment and joy sharing in each others presence. It is simply Tuesday. There is no place I would rather be.



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