Sleepy Mimi Doll


Mila aboslutly loves soft toys! She cuddles them, waves them around and of course gives them a good taste test and chew too! After seeing a few similar dolls on Pinterest I thought I would have a go at making one.

Through a bit of trail and error and a few hours playing in my sewing room this was the result…not entirely perfect but certainly a well adored addition to Mila’s soft toy collection. It is so sweet to see Mila bursts into grins every time she sees her Sleepy Mimi! She especially likes to point to the bows, touch the hair and chew on her arms and legs!

Now that I have made one I think the next one will be so much easier! I have created a pattern which I will include alongside a tutorial when I make another of these sweet dollies. I hope your wee ones enjoy this Sleepy Mimi Doll as much as our wee bundle does!





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