Determined and curious, seasoned with cheekiness and fun!

Recently I haven’t spent much time creating crafty projects to add to the blog, instead I have found myself including photos of Mila and sharing parts of our days instead (this is going to be a Mila post so please log out if you are not interested!). I have found myself reflecting on the incredible little person we are watching grow up so quickly… its hard to believe she is 10 months old already! Everyone tells you it goes quickly but my oh my where has that time gone!

It amazes me how different each child’s temperament and personality can be. Working with small children I have the privilege of noticing this often. It has been fascinating for me and Luke to watch as Mila’s personality has gently unfolded over the last 10 months.

On a personality spectrum Luke would be considered more loud and extroverted while I am more introverted and prefer more quiet moments. He loves large groups of people where I am more comfortable surrounded by a few close friends.

So when Mila joined our family we were excited and a bit curious to get to know this new little character. Who would she take after or would she be totally different from both of us?!

I am happy to say that Mila is perfectly herself. She is quietly determined yet loudly fun. She is the perfect mixture of curiosity and adventure alongside peaceful independence.

I really believe the things we say over people can have a positive or negative impact on them, so in writing this post I am being careful to not put any labels or expectations on Mila. Currently she is a delightful mix of both introverted and extraverted tendencies depending on what situation she is in.

Often Mila prefers to observe and take in her environment before giving away a smile. But once she is comfortable there is no stopping her giggles and happy chatter. She is usually so content with whatever is going on. I think this is largely due to the fact that we make a conscious effort to tell her what is happening and preparing her for changes before and as it occurs in her day.

Her most recent challenges have been to do with learning to crawl and pull herself up into a standing position. She has faced this with a strong sense of determination and confidence. I love to see the look of pride and cheeky smile on her face as she achieves whatever challenge she has set for herself.

What a blessing it is to be entrusted to raise a little person. Whatever Mila grows up to be I know it will be just perfect. Designed with love, purposefully and uniquely created to be her wonderful self. What a privilege it is to be her Mumma!


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