A year of blogging


Today a year ago I was very excited all be it a little nervous to post my very first blog post! I had wanted to create a blog for a while and finally on the 23rd of March 2015 I achieved that goal. As I pressed the ‘post’ button I remember thinking I wonder if anyone will actually read this! Then reminding myself that actually this is more about me creating space in my life to be creative than how many people read it, if others were inspired along the way that was just an added bonus.

Over the past 12 months the blog as grown and developed. It has been a creative outlet for me and encouraged me to share parts of my world with whoever has wanted to listen!

The purpose of this space remains the same as when I started ‘to provide a little bit of creativity, inspiration and pretty in your week’ although I know as a person I have changed hugely over these last months. Through the blog I wanted to challenge myself to be creative in new ways. I have certainly done this and in the process learned even more the importance of taking time out to do the things that inspire your soul.

When I started the blog I was 35 weeks pregnant I now have a nearly one year old! This past year has been the biggest most exciting adventure I could have ever imagined. Recently my blog posts have focused more around motherhood and lessons learned in this. I’m currently really enjoying the 52 project where I am challenging myself to capture a photo every week of Mila. I know these photos of the simple moments in our days will be treasured memories in years to come.

I don’t know fully the direction the blog is going to go in this year. I hope that I will be able to continue blogging my creative adventures as well as focusing a little more on sharing my journey as a wife, mum and teacher. I would love it if you would continue to join me as this story continues…



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