12/52 Portraits – Grounded



Grass between her fingers and toes, sun on her face…this little one is definitely in her happy place


“I believe that nature is nourishment for the soul” – Amanda Steele

How true is this quote! Being outside in nature brings a calm into our days, it allows unhurried time for us to breathe and refocus.

For Mila it provides an opportunity to explore, learn and make sense of the natural world around her. It is such a joy to watch as she finds delight in the texture of the grass on her feet, enthusiastically swishing them through the lush green blades.

We make time to go outside most days but I must admit we don’t always manage to play outside everyday. However I certainly notice the positive difference in our day when we do slow down and allow that time.  I once read this saying, ‘you should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day, if you are busy then you should sit for an hour’. Now thats a challenge!





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