Somebunny turned One!


What a wonderful two weeks of birthday celebrations we have had with so many family and friends joining us from near and far!

It is hard to believe our little Mila Cosette is now a 1 year old! She is such a happy wee lady full of cheeky grins and fun! Bring on these next years of toddlerhood!

We are so blessed by all the incredible people in Mila’s life. She is certainly privileged to have so many amazing friends and role models to look up to.

Here are a few photos of her Somebunny is Turning One birthday party.

Huge thanks to Luke for capturing this special day and our wee girl so perfectly xx

I made this teepee as Mila’s present from Luke and I. Her reaction when she first saw it in the morning was priceless ‘oh yeah!’ she said with a delighted grin as she crawling up to inspect it! The teepee has been played in and enjoyed everyday since!

Yummy treats…I was really excited to be able to use the wood stump food stands again which my dad made for my woodland themed babyshower last year

The photos on the notice board were taken with Mila’s favourite bunny ‘Blossom’ once every month for the last 12 months. Blossom hasn’t changed a bit!


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