19/52 Portraits



Our little bookworm happily reading books in her teepee. 

I love that Mila adores books. She happily entertains herself with them for long periods of time and clearly gets so much enjoyment from them too.

We usually start and finish the day by reading her stories, her favourite choice for the last two weeks has been Peepo by Janet and Allan Alhburg. Not the shortest of bedtime stories but her reaction to the pictures and excited repeating of ‘peepo’ everytime you turn the page is totally worth it!

It is fun to watch as Mila explores her books sometimes by sitting quietly looking  at the pictures and turning the pages. Other times she reads them with a very expressive loud voice (I wonder where she gets that from Luke!)

Books are her favourite car activity too. It is very sweet to hear her happy chatter away as she carefully turns the pages and studies each picture.

I hope Mila’s love of books will continue for many years to come.


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