23/52 Portraits



This cheeky wee human brings so much joy and laughter into our lives! 

This week has certainly been a challenging one with us all being hit by a nasty winter virus but this little face has certainly brightened up even the most miserable of days. We have been enjoying lots of snuggly cuddles and keeping warm by the fire as we all rest and recover.

I must confess I find it really hard to actually stop and allow my body time to recover. But this week has taught me the importance of doing just that. A friend reminded me that you can’t keep giving out when your tank is empty so giving myself permission to rest is a key factor in ensuring that I actually have the time to recover and recharge so I can keep giving. Advice I know I have given to others many times. Note to self I really should start listening to my own advice sometimes!

I am so grateful for family and friends who speak truth into my life and practically help out when I have needed it the most. Your kindness is appreciated more than I could ever express xx




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