29/52 Portraits



Books, books, books and more books… they continue to be one of Mila’s favourite ways to spend her time. She is most happy snuggled on her sheepskin in her reading corner leaning against a cushion or with her book basket in her room. She just can’t get enough of them. I love that Mila is developing such a strong love of books as she explores early literacy skills ❤

Luke and I have made a conscious effort to provide Mila with opportunities to experience books from a young age. She has always had a combination of picture books and ones that have lots of words easily accessible for her to explore. I remember being surprised how as a small baby she would happily listen as we read lengthy stories to her.

For us reading stories is a key part in our bedtime rituals. Mila usually chooses between 2-4 stories (depending on the length of the book of course and how late it is!) to have read to her. This is one of our favourite parts of the day as we share this special time cuddled up together on the chair in her room. It is very sweet to see this story reading role played out during the day as Mila expressively reads to herself  or to the cats (if they are not scared off by her excited chatter!).

Now that Mila is developing more verbal language she is more easily able to express all the things she observes in books. I often hear her in the car looking at pictures in her books and saying words she associates with them like ‘owl…hoohoo’, ‘apple…Poppa’, ‘ball…big’,’dog…woowoo’.

I look forward to watching Mila’s interest in books growing and developing over the coming years.

For those of you interested here is a link to a helpful handout which explains about early literacy written by Zero to Three


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