31/52 Portraits



I love the way Mila enjoys stopping to look at and smell the flowers…


Getting outside after it has rained is always a welcome treat. Puddle exploration is a very high priority on this determined little lady’s agenda!

Something which Mila constantly reminds me when we are exploring outside is to slow down and enjoy the moment. Whether she is busy inspecting the flowers in the garden or testing out the depth of the puddles she reminds me how important it is to allow her the time and space to engage in the natural world.

Often I find I am busy trying to capture the moment on my phone/camera or move on to the next thing we have planned but really I need to just put my phone away for a few minutes and enjoy now for what it is, to discover the joy in this moment in time as it unfolds naturally. I need to let her lead, let her follow her own agenda, sensitively observe and support her as she explores at her own pace, not mine.

In these ‘slow down and just enjoy’ moments I experience the greatest joy and sense of wonder as I watch Mila discover, learn and play. I love how she wants to invite me into this play as well, most of the time she would much rather I was beside her than trying to ‘capture’ the moment on my camera I am sure!

So for me it is about balance, yes I want to capture these precious memories but also I am making a more conscious effort to ensure there are times when the camera is away and we can just be, where we slow down and enjoy these moments in time together.

For as everyone tells you and I am quickly realising for myself these moments pass so quickly, they are like a blink in time. I intent not to missing out on any of them đŸ™‚


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