Our Little Kiwi


Today we have a special dress up day at the preschool I work at for our incredible head teacher who is off on new adventures overseas.

Sometimes in life you are blessed to meet an extraordinary person who adds so much flavour and fun to life. Our Abbie is certainly one of those people. It is  definitely a mixture of happy-sad emotions as we wish her all the best for this new journey.

The dress up theme for her last day is New Zealand Vs. Australia so after some thought I chose to dress Mila up as a little Kiwi and I am a pavlova! I’m not so sure a white skirt at preschool is such a wise choice lol.

I was stoked to be able to whip up these very quick costumes in one of Mila’s naps. The fabric glue didn’t really cut it to keep the kiwifruit stuck together so  it was my trusty hot glue gun to the rescue…hopefully they last the day!

We will miss you Abbie – Aroha nui – take care beautiful lady xxx





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