Petal Pocket Happenings…

I’m sitting here in front of my laptop with so many thoughts in my head but feeling unsure of how to articulate them! This is often the way when I start to write a blog post! I have around 8 nearly complete posts sitting in here at the moment that I just need time to finish!

Over the last two years I have been sharing various things on this blog. Sometimes regularly but more often than not sporadically as I have had the time and energy.

This blog started off as a way for me to inspire myself  (and hopefully others) to make time to be creative, a way to share my passions and some of my world. Over the years it has been a mixture of craft, Mila, my thoughts, passions and life.

I’ve been having a wee break from social media over the last few months and this headspace has made me question what the important things to share in this forum are. Don’t get me wrong social media can definitely have a positive role to play in our lives but when it becomes a huge distraction, overwhelming and what we turn to in every spare moment it can become unhealthy, for me it certainly did!

For a wee while I have been questioning what the main purpose of this blog is and where I see it going. It’s not fully a typical ‘Mum blog’ or a ‘lifestyle blog’ or an ‘educational blog’ or a ‘craft blog’. In reality it is a mish-mash of all of these topics!

I was considering stopping it all together and focusing on other things but I just keep coming back to it and feeling like there is so much I still want to share.

In no way is my life perfect, I hope that I can through my words and images share an honest and real picture of my world. 

No matter what my intentions are I most probably wont be adding new posts every week lol but what I can commit to is sharing when I can about the things that I value most in this world. I will be sharing about my relationship with God, my experiences being a mum and wife, I will share about things I feel passionate about like early childhood education, and I am sure there will be some creative aspect too!

In my opinion blogging should be an uplifting, challenging and encouraging space, this is my aim for this year. 

When I chose Petal Pocket as a name for this blog I wanted it to be about adding a little pocket sized bit of pretty, inspiration or encouragement to your day. Petal Pocket includes those pretty moments, the inspiring, the challenging, but also includes the not so pretty, natural, real stuff that happens. I hope you choose to continue joining me on this journey.



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